Gentlemen’s league

LCBO goes steampunk for guys.

The LCBO wants to give men’s men (or guys who wish they were men’s men) a cool drinking experience with the Gentlemen’s League website. Developed by Cossette, the site has a distinct steampunk look and feel with knobs and doohickeys to explore and turn.¬†Manly liquors (or, let’s face it, womanly liquors too – there is no gender discrimination in the alcohol world) appear with mixed drink selections and food pairings, while black-and-white videos pop up at random. Now, to bring this fake machine to stores for a real, tactile experience.




Advertiser: LCBO
Marketing director, LCBO: Kerri Dawson
Marketing manager, LCBO:  Krista Moriarity
Senior planner, LCBO: Taleen Yazejian
Agency: Cossette
CD: Chad Borlase
Senior AD: Kenneth Fothergill
Senior writer: Peter Gardiner
VP Digital: Tim Dolan
Brand Director, Digital: Chris Dyck
Director, Digital Production: Pralad Rao
Senior project manager: Amber Adam
Senior interactive architect: Scott Garson
Designer: Eleni Alpous
Interactive designer: Erin McGuire
Senior web developer: Jaswinder Rattanpal
Web developer: Dylan Scott QA Analyst: Kate Roberts