Mood cube

Helsingin Sanomat taps into readers' feelings.

In this uber-digital time, newspapers are trying hard to engage readers. Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat and Hasan & Partners have erected a huge mood cube (think mood ring, but digital), and tied it to stories on its website. Readers can click the emotion they feel following reading the story to change the colour of the box (green = hopeful, purple = concerned). Of course, the website is in Finnish and we can’t understand a lick of it, but we clicked away. We hope the top story was happy – but we can’t be sure. (Instructions: Click the grey box. At the base of each story is a bar with different coloured moods. Click one to watch the live stream in the top-left corner of your screen).


Advertiser: Helsingin Sanomat
Agency: Hasan & Partners