Fresh Jetta

Pick your VW like you pick your meat.

Volkswagen and Red Urban say the Jetta is so affordable, you can practically pick it up from your local grocery shop. This new spot hung a couple of Jettas behind the counter of a meat butcher, and the cost-conscious consumer doesn’t bat an eye at the price of the car. Of course, it does beg the question, how safe is it to have a full car, with all the oil and such, hanging around a bunch of meat? Perhaps people enjoy a gas-like taste to their steak?


Advertsier: Volkswagen Canada
Agency: Red Urban
ECD: Christina Yu
AD: Liam Johnstone
CW: Sarah DiDomenico
Broadcast producer: Anna Tricinci
Integrated producer: Terri Vesgo
Account directors: Caroline Kilgour, Sonia Ruckemann
Production company: Untitled Films
Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
Executive producer: Lexy Kavluk
Line producer: Tom Evelyn
DP: John Houtman
Production designer: Michael Walker
Editorial company: Rooster Post
Editor: Paul Jutras
Post production: Track and Field
Online compositor: Ernie Mordak
Music and sound design: The Eggplant
Music producer: Adam Damelin