Lego riddles

Solve the brick-filled clues to walk down memory lane.

Riddle-me-this, says Lego and Montreal-based agency Brad. The duo have released 55 Lego-inspired interpretations of famous movies, books, bands and other blasts from the past. Some are ridiculously easy (see Moby Dick below), while others left us scratching our heads. Make it a Wednesday-morning game. Last person to correctly ID each of these prints gets everyone in the office a coffee.



Client: Lego, Sam Kashani
Agency: Brad
VP CD: Carle Coppens
Art director: Julien de Preux
Concept: Carle Coppens, Julien de Preux
With contributions by: Pascal Gagnon, Laurie Illan, Fabien Laborie, Pascal Tremblay, Stéphanie Heendrickxen, Gabrielle Régimbal, Fred Girard
Web art direction: Fabien Laborie
Graphic design: Tien-Dat Nguyen, Martin Dumas, Hang Tan Tang, Stéphanie Heendrickxen.
Strategy: Sacha Desclomesnil
Client Services: Stéphanie Beaudin
Print production: Nathalie De Angelis
Media: Sophie Tamafo