DIY beatbox

Beatbox Academy gives you the tools.

Beatbox Academy (which is just what it sounds like – a school that teaches beatboxing) and Spring Advertising have a new toy for you. Alongside its mailers and handouts, Beatbox’s new website gives you a digital DIY beatbox kit. Using “F,” “G,” “H” and “J” you can be the master of your own (drum-like) sound. Pressing the “Alt” key mixes up the noises, so you can have endless fun before exploring the website. Most of our attempts just came out as a cacophony of noise, giving this site a second use as a DIY neighbour-annoyer.



Agency: Spring
Creative Director: Rob Schlyecher/James Filbry
Art Director: Jeremy Grice
Copywriter: Ben Hudson
Designer: Jeremy Grice
Developer: Trevor Blades