Sharks, rays and anglerfish…oh my

Vancouver Aquarium's (sea) food for thought.

The Vancouver Aquarium and Taxi have been busy this winter. The latest campaign to promote “The Secret World of Sharks and Rays” exhibit follows their January execution for an anglerfish exhibit. The sharks and rays exhibit focuses on weird and fun facts about the creatures (did you know all the scales on a shark are teeth?) while the anglerfish uses streetlights to complete the fishy’s luminous bulb at the top of its head (watch Finding Nemo if you have no idea what we’re talking about). Though completely different takes, the OOH stunts have the same message: sea creatures are both really strange, and strangely fascinating.


Client: The Vancouver Aquarium
Product Or Service: Luminescence
Creative Director: Matt Bielby
Writer: Alex Bird
Art Director: George Lin, Derek Anderson
Producer: Denise Carefoot
Account Director: Stephen Howard
Account Manager: Amber Foss