Social smoker

The Ontario government mocks your habit.
social farter

The Ontario Ministry of Health and BBDO say, get your head out of the smoke, social smokers. Just because you do it “socially” doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk. These PSAs replace social smoking with ridiculous activities, like farting and stealing other people’s food. These spots do highlight how strange some excuses are (like never buying your own food/smokes or using farts/smoking as a way to meet new people). If social farting was actually a thing, that’s definitely one party we’d stay far, far away from.


Advertiser: Ontario Ministry of Health
Agency: BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Peter Ignazi & Carlos Moreno
VP, Associate Creative Director: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
VP, Associate Creative Director: Deborah Prenger
Copywriter “Nibbler” & “Farter”: Tony Lee
Agency Producer: Dena Thompson
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Production Company: Soft Citizen
Exec Producer: Eva Preger & Link York
Head of Production: Rob Burns
Line Producer: Kelly King
Director of Photography: Bobby Shore
Editorial of “Farter” & “Nibbler”: Griff Henderson, Posterboy Edit
Editorial of “Ear Wax Picker”: Brian Williams, Posterboy Edit
Online: Township & co.