Online safety

Children of the Street knows what 'viral' can really mean.
children of the street

In today’s viral age, when brands everywhere would kill for a million YouTube views, The Children of the Street Society and Cossette want to highlight another side of online virality. “I shared a photo,” is a silent spot that packs a wallop, and highlights the very real danger of digital photography. And sadly, a simple act can have tragic consequences.


Advertiser: Children of the Street
Agency: Cossette, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Michael Milardo
Art Director: Bart Batchelor
Copywriter: Michael Milardo
Producers: April Haffenden, Andrea MacFarlane
Photographer: Clinton Hussey
Studio Artist: Rob Horsman
Video Director: Clinton Hussey
Video DOP: Clinton Hussey
Video Editor: Chris Nielsen
Video Sound Design: Chris Nielsen
Digital Brand Director: Kate Chalmers