Harley gets tough. Real tough.

What’s the manliest thing you can do? Use a blow torch instead of a toaster? Eat eggs raw? Regularly rip your shirt instead of taking it off normally (that’ll get expensive fast). Harley-Davidson and Montreal-based Cart1er are getting tough. Real tough. And apparently a little destructive. Bull, meet china shop.


Advertiser: Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, Taso Mascalidis
Agency: Cart1er
Strategic development: Stéfanie Forcier, Benoit Cartier, Jean-Claude M. Kikongi
Client services: Nassim Assadi, Marie-Noël Hade
Social media: Jean-Claude Kikongi, Stéphane Pelichet
Creative director: Donald Samson
Creative team: André Paradis, Simon Rivest, Daniel Beaumont, Benoit Pellé,
Media: Vizeum, Oliver Poissant, Espresso média, Yannick Manuri
Agency producer: Élyse Bleau
Production house: Les Enfants – Céline Ceillier
Director: Ivan Grbovic
Web production: Alt
Post-production: Vision Globale
Sound: Boogie, Underground