Dance evolution

Smooth moves from Gene Kelly, Elaine and more.

For anyone who has tried to replicate a popular dance from the movies (and who hasn’t tried to bust a move¬†√† la Tom Cruise in Risky Business), Brazilian graphic designer Niege Borges has created a series of illustrations that might help. The series, titled Dancing Plague of 1518, features silhouettes of famous people from TV and film doing recognizable shuffles like Elaine’s Dance from Seinfeld or Gene Kelly’s more classic moves in Singin’ in the Rain. The series name pays tribute to Frau Troffea, who started a dancing mania in July 1518 in Strasbourg, France, when she started dancing fervently in the streets. According to sources, hundreds soon joined her, with some suffering heart problems. Some even died, according to The Dancing Plague, a book published in 2009 by historian and author John Waller. Talk about dancing fever.











via My Modern Met