Dubious shoppers

Shopping trips to Dixie Mall are never boring.

Apparently Mississauga’s Dixie Outlet Mall has such good deals and finds that people are willing to go to extremes to get it all. In this first ad, by John St., a woman fakes being in labour to bypass a long line (admit it, we’ve all thought about doing that). In the second, a woman dons a name tag to steal the clothes another woman is looking to try on, punting her out the side door of the building. The question remains: wouldn’t the gaggle of girls kicked out of the store know to walk to the nearest entrance?


Advertiser: Dixie Outlet Mall
Agency: John St.
Co-Executive Creative Director & Partner: Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Copywriter: Jacob Greer
Account Team: Amelia MacGregor
Producer: Carrie Weston
Production Partners: Soft Citizen, Graydon Sheppard.
Editing Partner: Bijou Editorial, Melanie Hider
Sound Company: Pirate Toronto
Song by Ariel and the Undertow