Crazy for health

Government of Alberta gives kids a kooky app.

DDB Edmonton and The Government of Alberta are bringing out the “fun” in “healthy.” Okay, so “healthy” doesn’t actually contain the letters F U or N, but it could with this new app and web series designed to get kids excited about being healthy. The app provides a bunch of “experiments” in health to get kids active and eating better foods (such as an outdoor colour scavenger hunt), offering up virtual rewards as kids complete tasks. While all very cool, we think we’ll pass on the experiment that turns your pee into bug repellant.


Advertiser: Government of Alberta
Agency: DDB Canada, Edmonton
Creative Director:   Eva Polis
Design Director:   Howard Poon
Copywriter: Jenn Keller
Art Director:  Adnan Huseinovic
Production manager:   Debbie Shinehoft
Media: Kathy Shapka
Account team:  Martha Jamieson, Geoff Grimble, Danielle Thibaudeau
Web and app:  Rocketfuel Games