Paper orcas

Destination BC brings the ocean to Toronto.

Destination BC and Dare partnered with the Toronto Star to create a call of the wild. Wrapping the paper in a shimmery water-like cover, they also outfitted a bunch of newspaper boxes with orca whale sounds. Yes, that’s right, when people open news boxes, they’ll be greeted with the soothing (we think) sounds of the ocean.


Advertiser: Destination BC
Agency: Dare
Account lead:   Natalie Wu
Account team:  Michelle Chan
Creative Directors:  Mia Thomsett; Addie Gillespie
Art Directors: Andrew Alblas
Copywriters: Darien Campbell
Designers: Gabe Hall
Producers: Sarah Hancock; Rahima Rajabali, Thomas Rousselot, Matthew Sy
Production artists: Calvin Porter
Technical Team: Cindy Son, Technical Director; Gabrielle Carson, Front-End Developer; Sheva Shen, Interactive Developer; Jose Romero, QA Specialist
Media: Jungle Media: Josh Tebbutt, Pete Kambo, Jacquie Albrecht