Celebrity yard sale

CBCF Ontario gets famous people to sell their junk.
colin mochrie

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Ontario chapter and Grip have tapped Second City alum (like Colin Mochrie, Sandy Jobin-Bevans and Kylee Evans) to help promote its yard sale fundraisers. It plays like a short series with the stars riffing on each other and offering up a glance into their homes (and the CBCF Ontario playing a bit of a Pop-Up Video role). Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy one of their awards? Who cares if you haven’t earned it.


Advertiser: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Ontario Region
Agency: Grip
Partner, Creative: Dave Chiavegato, Rich Price Jones
Studio artist: Pete Aspros
Art Director: Julia Morra
Copywriter: Trev Gourley
Manager, Business: Aliya Somani, Lana Pawziuk
Director / DP: David Quinn, Jake Kovnat
Production House: Sons And Daughters
Producer: Lisa Soloman
Editing House: Poster Boy
Editor: Raj Ramnauth
Post Produciton: Crush
Transfer: Notch
Colourist: Billy Ferwerda