A comfortable hell

Fujitsu and Tank cool down the underworld.

On those days when high temperatures are hard to bear, most of us appreciate having an efficient air conditioner. That is, unless a place is meant to be extremely hot. In this spot for Fujitsu Canada by Tank in Montreal, a proprietor gets a little hot under the collar because, thanks to one of his staff buying a new AC, his clients are too comfortable. I guess good help is hard to find in hell.

Advertising Agency: Tank, Montréal
Creative Directors: Alexandre Gadoua, Jean-François Houle
Art Director: Olivier Ventura
Copywriter: Jean-François DaSylva-LaRue
Director: Yan Giroux / Cinélande
DOP: Olivier Laberge
Postproduction: Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules / Boogie Studio
Sound Design: Denis-Éric Pedneault / Boogie Studio