Hacked ATM

Ubisoft frees some cash.
watch dogs

Following the release of the Watch Dogs app, Ubisoft Canada and Publicis Montreal staged an ATM hack. People who were gathered in a food court were treated to a surprise when an ATM began spitting out cash and flyers promoting a new game/app, Watch Dogs. Sadly, playing the game doesn’t mean your nearby ATM will begin spitting out money.


Advertiser: Ubisoft Canada
Agency: Publicis
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Creatives: Xuan Pham, Michael Aronson, Julien Thiry, Maxime Pépin, Edern Talhouet
Client Services: Sébastien Viau, Sandra Heintz, Mai-Lan Nguyen Duy, Isabelle Bédard, Alexandra Dionne Charest
Digital Production: Gustavo Gomez
Application Production: Circus Intersection
Broadcast Production: Anne-Marie Piran, Anne-Christel Rajoelina
Sound: Sonart
Print Production: REA: Frédérique Bissonnet, Martin Veilleux, Maxime England
Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia
Media Planning: Philippe Tremblay-Gauthier, Marie Vidal, Sabrina Ricci