Danger in beauty

Quebec's Lifesaving Society's stark warning.
lifesaving society

This video opens with a scene many Canadians are familiar with: a tranquil morning on the lake. Just the sounds of nature and a picturesque setting. As the camera pans around, and you begin to picture yourself there, a stark reminder of what can happen when you don’t wear a life jacket appears. This new spot by Quebec’s Lifesaving Society and Lg2 offers food for thought for the rest of these summer months.

Advertiser: Lifesaving Society
Vice-President, Creative Director: Marc Fortin
Creative Team:Sylvain Dufresne, Jean-Christian Bizier, Simon Touzin
Creative Director (Web): Jennifer Varvaresso, Marilou Aubin
Strategy: Marc-André Fafard, Sabrina Côte
Account Services: Audrey Dignard, Nataly Lemyre, Martine Grégoire
Directo: Nicolas Fransolet
Production: Cinélande / Geneviève Cayer
Director Of Production: Alex Ertaskiran
Electronic Production: Elyse Bleau, Johanne Pelland, Mélanie Bazinet
Post-Production: Vision Globale
Sound Studio: Boogie Studio
Print And Web Production: Lg2fabrique
Media: Carat