A Pogo love story

Only condiments could tear them apart.

Ah, young love. Even Pogos aren’t immune. This latest spot by the battered-dipped sausage on a stick and Blammo features a pair of in-love animated Pogos, until the gentleman Pogo discovers something unforgivable about his lady. Who knew ketchup and mustard could be so divisive?


Advertiser: Pogo
Agency: Blammo, Toronto
Directors: Graham Roumieu / Common Good
Illustration: Graham Roumieu
Animation: Common Good
Creative Director: Michael Murray
Creatives: Vinay Patmar, Oliver Brooks, Dejan Durjic
Managing Director: Christine McNab
Account Supervisor: Amy De Merlis
Producer: Gord Cathmoir
Sound: Keen Music
Music: Keen