Toys should be toys

Kol Kids goes tech-free.
kol kids

Think back. Think way back. To a time before your smartphone held your attention longer than your partner. Think back to when you were a kid, and the coolest toys tended to be the simplest (like an Etch A Sketch, a viewfinder…or a box). That’s the magic Kol Kids is trying to recapture with videos and a website (full of games you can play without technology), by Tribal DDB. Put down that tablet and go fly a kite (unless you’re reading stimulant on your mobile device, in which case, carry on).


Advertiser: Kol Kid, Lisa Miyasaki
Agency: Tribal Worldwide- Toronto
Managing Director: Andrew McCartney
Creative Director: Louis-Philippe Tremblay, Denise Rossetto
Copywriter: Sanya Grujicic, Tiffany Chung
Art Director: Andrew Bernardi
Agency Producer: Andrew Schultze
Strategy: Lisa Hart, Dino Demopoulos
Production Company: Code Film
Director: Tom Feiler
Director of Photography: Alan Lukatela
Cameraman: Andrew Easson, Michael Tung
Sound: Shawn Kirkby
Line Producer: Magda Czyz
Post-Production Company: School Editing
Editor: Kyle McNair,
Online Editor: Paul Binney, Fort York
Colourist: Jason Zukowski, Notch
Audio House: Pirate Toronto
Audio House Director: Stephanie Pigott
Audio House Engineer: Jared Kuemper
Casting Agency: Andrew Hayes, Powerhouse Casting powerhousecasting.cos