Dorm life

Toshiba knows what college days are really like.
toshiba chicken

Ah, dorm life. A time when it’s okay to sleep until noon every day, go out in public in pyjamas and saran-wrap your roommate to his bed with a bunch of chickens running around. Okay… maybe not that last bit. But Toshiba and Capital C have gone back to school with three new spots depicting (likely) realistic dorm living (and of course, how the computers factor into it all). Makes you long for bad cafeteria food, don’t it?


Advertiser: Toshiba
Agency: Capital C, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Gary Watson
Art Director: Gary Watson
Copywriter: Gary Watson
Agency Producers: Margaret Callaghan, Shireen Shah
Account Service: Jason West, Martha Bushell, Will Dell
Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Aleysa Young
Executive Producer: Estelle Weir
Producer: Robbie McNamara
Cinematographer: Bobby Shore
Editing: Panic & Bob
Editor: Marco Pazzano
Casting: Stephen Mann Casting
Online: Crush