All fished out

WWF shows the folly of unsustainable fishing.


The video has been removed from WWF’s media channels at the request of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), according to a statement by the MSC.

WWF Canada is bringing the effects of unsustainable fishing to the surface. A new spot by John St. shows a farm being ripped up by a long fishing net, raising the question – if we don’t farm that way, why do we fish that way?


Title: WWF Sustainable Seafood “We Don’t Farm Like This”
Agency: John St., Toronto
Client: WWF Canada
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Writer: Jacob Greer
Producers: Cas Binnington, Mike Hasinoff
Account Services: Melissa Tobenstein, Dorian Burns-Coyne, Amelia MacGregor
Production Company: 1st Avenue Machine
Exec Producer: Nick Litwinko
Producer: Abby Okin
Graphic Artist: Roxy Velez
Conforming Editor: Jonathan Pulley
Animation: Against All Odds
Creative Directors: Derek Picken, Niklas Rissler
Exec Producer: Josh Thorne
Producer: Manuela Cripps
Art Director: Johan Idesjö
Animation: Milford Film & Animation
Executive Producer: Johan Gustafsson
Production Manager: Daniel Bystedt
Supervisor: John Roxenhed
Art Director: Jonas Moberg
Look Development: Robert Krupa
3D Artists: Daniel Holmgren, Sebastian Ekman, Hannes Drossel, Antonio Deiana, Hudson Martins, Gustav Tell, Anneli Larsson, Martin WidÖ
Audio: Silent Joe, Orange Lounge
Music Supervisor: Marco DiFelice
Music Licensing: Jane Heath
Audio Co-ordinator: Maggie Blouin Pearl
Track Director: Jody Colero
Sound FX: Vlad Nikolic
Mix: Erich Preston