Keep it short

Airbnb makes a film from crowdsourced Vine clips.

Holiday-rental service Airbnb says it ha’s created the first short film made entirely of Vine videos after it released a shot-list over Twitter and offered a $100 credit to anyone who got their shot into the movie. With some nifty editing, clips shot around the world were put together to create a cohesive story about a piece of paper. Was that a chortle? Well, we dare you to watch it without getting choked up.


Client: Airbnb
Agency: Mullen SF
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Chief Digital Officer: Stephen Goldblatt
Creative Director: Jon Ruby
Creatives: Jamie Rome, Ryan Montgomery, EB Davis III, Brooke Doner
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Director of Integration: Dustin Johnson
Senior Integrated Producer: Liz Shook
Digital Producer: Charley Perkins
Director of Creative Technology: Christian Madden
Experience Designer: Hoon Oh
Account Director: Zach Rubin
Account Supervisor: Steve Raggiani
Integrated Production Company: B-Reel
Director: Miles Jay
Screenplay by: Ben York Jones
Editorial: Lost Planet, LA
Editor: Chris Kursel
Executive Producer: Gary Ward
Post Production: Black Hole West
Colorist: David Parker
Producer: Dale Nicholls
Original Music: Rob Simonsen
Audio Post: Ravenswork, LA
Sound Mixer and Sound Design: Robert Feist



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