Emotional drivers

The New Zealand Transport Agency's emoticons.

Are you the type of person who ads a happy face to the end of potentially angry messages to prove you aren’t mad? Or the occasional “haha” or “LOL” to make sure people know you’re not being serious? The New Zealand Transport Agency and Clemenger BBDO Wellington are taking a similar spin to help people understand the emotions that run the road. Not everyone is just driving along with a happy face above their heads (or on their faces…), so this new video is trying to remind you that driving is a social experience, and that other drivers have feelings too…so mind your manners.


Advertiser: New Zealand Transportation Agency
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Executive Creative Director: Philip Andrew
Creative Director: Brigid Alkema
Art Director: Philip Andrew, Emily Beautrais
Copywriter: Emily Beautrais, Alex Metson
Producer: Martin Gray
Group Account Director: Linda Major
Production/Visual Effects
Production/VFX Company: Psyop
Executive Producer: Luisa Murray
Producer: Drew Bourneuf
Associate Producer: Jesse Schlobohm, Anu Nagaraj
Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
Designer: Paul Kim
Storyboard Artist: Hugh Keenan
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
Matte Painter: Andrew Park & Niall Booker
Lead Technical Director: Kyle Cassidy
Lead Flame: Diego Vazquez
Lead Desktop Compositor: Lane Jolly
Compostior: Don Kim
Previz: Dan Vislocky, Chris Meek, Bri Meyer
Modeler(s): Kevin Manning,Tommy Kernan, Larissa Docolas
Rigger(s): Sean Kealey, Parz Rothlein
Animator(s): Dan Vislocky, Lindsey BUtterworth
Texture: Kyle Cassidy, Paul KIm
Lighter(s): Erich Burchfield
3D Lead : Kyle Cassidy
2D Animators: Max Graenitz, Dylan Spears
Music Company: Liquid Studios
Composer: Pater van Der Flute
Producer: Tamara O’Neill