Make it rain

Geox makes a poor guy a tad damp.
geox 1

Shoemaker Geox wanted to prove its shoes could withstand a bit of rain… or a lot of rain. It, along with its Norway-based¬†agency, SMFB and media co MediaMonks, followed a guy named Tom around with an artificial raincloud for seven days¬†(you can see the whole experience on Geox’s website). Poor Tom had to navigate a series of tasks (including, cruelly, running up and down steps in Barcelona and taking a rain-soaked stroll along a beach with a date), to show off how effective the shoes were. While we’re sure some of this wasn’t totally off-the-cuff (what cab driver in his/her right mind would let a fake raining cloud into the back seat?), it’s a pretty slick spot. Also, Tom should really have invested in an umbrella.


Advertiser: Geox
Agency: SMFB
Media production company: MediaMonks


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