Solving derm woes

Skincare Studio's cheeky promises.

For a campaign to promote St. John’s Skincare Studio, newly launched agency Ray went out with some cheeky ads, including two radio spots (which explain how the clinic helped tan-happy Sally solve her freckle problems and saved hairy Reggie from being seen as a human teddy bear), an OOH poster that plays on men’s big fears, and a daring T-shirt. Only qualm about this campaign: there is absolutely nothing wrong with freckles. Zero. Zilch. And laser treatment to remove them seems overly harsh.


Advertiser: Skincare Studio
Agencies: Ray, PlanK Marketing
Creative Director: Jenny Smith
Writer: Jenny Smith
Art Director: Bruce Hamilton
Account Director: Katharine Hickey
Production: Perfect Day Inc.
Director: Thomas Neuspiel
Production House: Keen