John St.'s next wave of advertising.
John St.,

Following the success of its Catvertising and Buyral units, John St. is tapping into the prankvertising space (see examples here and here) with a new department dedicated to scaring the crap out of people. It’s called “Exfeariential.” It’s terrifying…but effective. Imagine you’re the poor soul who’s awoken in the middle of the night by strange men in ski masks. Wouldn’t you forever remember the beer brand that hosted that particular event? Of course you would.


Agency: John St.
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Creative Directors: Chris Hirsch, Nellie Kim
Associate Creative Director / Writer: Kurt Mills
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Kyle Lamb
Agency Producers: Dale Giffen, Madison Papple
Designer: Tom Briggs
Production House: OPC//FamilyStyle
Director: Jono Hunter
Director of Photography: Bob Lyte
Line Producers: Isil Gilderdale, Brendan Lynch
Executive Producers: Liz Dussault, Donovan Boden, Harland Weiss
Editing Company: Relish
Editor: Chris Murphy
Assistant Editor:  Michael “Mitchell” Barker
Executive Producer: Sally Leggett
Transfer: Alter Ego
Colourists: Conor Fisher, Tricia Hagoriles
Producer: Jane Garrah
Executive Producer: Greg Edgar
Online and Visual Effects: TOPIX
VFX Compositor: Matt Dochstader
Matte Painting: Andrew Nguyen
Senior Producer: Eugene Marchio
Audio House: Vapor Music
Audio Director: Joey Serlin
Audio Engineer: Julian Rudd
Executive Producer: Lindsey Bates