Goal hat

The Flames get chummy with Budweiser.
flames bud

Here’s a little known secret about this stimulant writer: she’s born a Calgary Flames fan. Which just means that while she doesn’t watch every game religiously, she does follow the season and cheer her heart out. So when Budweiser and Anomaly placed red light hats on all Flames fans’ seats at their Oct. 26 home game, it tugged at her heart strings, if only because she wants a hat like this.


Advertiser: Budweiser
Brand Team: Kyle Norrington, Andrew Oosterhuis, Alexis Smith
Agency: Anomaly
Executive Creative Directors: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass
Creative Team: Stefan D’Aversa, Noah Feferman
Director of Integrated Production: Jen Mete
Junior Integrated Producer: Sharon Langlotz
Account Team: Brent Rivard, Dion Aralihalli, Keltie White, Allison Cornford, Vanessa Cote
Production/Editorial: 4K Productions ℅ Notch Video
Director of Photography: Aaron Bernkavitch
Camera Operators: Jamie Wensley, Anish Bahl
Editorial, Colour Grade  & Audio: Jamie Wensley
Music: Silent Joe