Toronto is more than its mayor.

morethanfordThese days, Toronto is known as the city with the crack-smoking mayor, but there’s a lot of great things about this town that have nothing to do with Mr. Ford or his penchant for pipes. Hannah Smit and Marie Richer, who work at Toronto-based John St., wanted to highlight some of those great things and “take back” Toronto’s reputation. So they made the above video, and are encouraging the spread of Toronto love via the hashtag #MoreThanFord. You can watch the progress of it all on a microsite as well. What are you waiting for? Start spreading the love, people.

[Ed note: sadly, the video's been removed over copywrite concerns. But #Morethanford is still a live and well. Head to Twitter to share your thoughts.]



Creative:  Hannah Smit, Marie Richer
Video Editor:  Stephen Sora
Community Manager: Naomi Blackman
Developers: Marc Cattapan, Phil Donnelly
Digital Producer: Cas Binnington
Digital Strategist: Tammy Chiasson