Skype challenges a traveller to get home.

Travel blogger Mike Corey needs some help getting home after Skype and agency Pereira & O’Dell dropped him in Istanbul Nov. 12 with only a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and access to the voice-over-IP service. As part of the “Rerouted” challenge, he’s been asked to post clues and comments to @skypemoments on Twitter, where users can follow his journey and offer assistance in exchange for prizes, with the goal of getting him home in time for U.S. Thanksgiving. Judging from the videos, he’s been having some fun along the way. And at least he can wear some clothes, unlike John St.’s underwear-clad Gitchhiker, who journeyed across Canada with the aid of strangers on social media.


Brand: Skype
Agency: Pereira & O’Dell