Coming clean

Hughes Car Wash reveals dirty truths.

Ever worry that someone close to you is keeping stuff from you? Apparently all you need to do is drive with them to the car wash (no, do not try and force their head out the window and into the jet stream while shouting “What are you hiding?”). In these spots by Hughes Car Wash and Taxi, no secret is too embarrassing to share. Even the fact that this guy is wearing underwear made of raw bacon. It’s further proof that everything’s better with bacon… even uncomfy truths.


Brand: Hughes Car Wash
Agency: Taxi Vancouver
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Creative Director: Matt Bielby, Craig Redmond
Writer: Alex Bird, David Giovando
Art Director: Derek Anderson
TV producer: Sarah Vingoe
General manager: Karen Pearce
Group account director: Jason Holley, Steve Cormack
Agency planner: Jack Dayan,
Business director: Ben Tarr
Production House: Sons and Daughters
Director: David Quinn
Executive producer: Dan Ford/Jeff Darragh
Production design: Jeff Darragh
Cinematographer: Stuart Campbell
Editor: Daniel Pruger
Post production: Post Pro Media
Compositor: Randy Egan
Music and sound production: Wave Studios
Casting: 6 Degrees Casting