Holiday chicken cheer

KFC brings peace on earth.

Who knew to end hate and anger, you just had to present people with some crispy fried chicken. KFC and BBH London, that’s who, apparently. This kitschy song promises that the brand’s “11 herbs and spices” will make you forget about the kids who broke your window or the carolers who won’t go away. But really, this video is worth watching, if only to watch how into the song the kid gets at the 1:42 mark. Honestly, those three seconds will make your day.

To see more, visit the dedicated holiday carolĀ microsite.


Brand: KFC
Agency: BBH London
Producer: Rachel Hough
Assistant Producer: Vaia Ikonomou
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Edit House: Final Cut London