Magical sandwich

Jarlsberg's parlour tricks.

Norwegian cheese brand Jarlsberg is showing off its magical properties in this spot from Sweden and Amsterdam-based agency Perfect Fools featuring David Persson, winner of the 2012 Swedish Championship of Magic. In the first of a series of “Sandwich Shorts” to be hosted on the brand’s website, Persson conjures up a delicious looking ciabatta sandwich but don’t blink or you’ll miss the trick that’s been pulled on him.


Brand: Jarlsberg
Agency: Perfect Fools
Creatives: Tony Högqvist, Alexander Radsby, Melissa Nilsson, Oscar Asmoarp
Planner: Michael Aneto
Producer: Carl Berglind
Production company: Perfect Fools
Post-production: Karl Nord
Photographer: Alexander Radsby
Designers: Alexander Radsby, Melissa Nilsson
Developers: Björn Uppeke, Emil Larsén, Alexander Radsby,