Memory wood for coffee lovers.
coffee 4

It feels strangely awesome when you walk into your local coffee shop and the barista remembers your regular cup of Joe before you even get to the counter. Well, now you can feel that awesome feeling from the comfort of your home/office/car (a selling point for those who fear Canada’s frigid winters). The fishtank-created Canadiano is a nifty little coffee maker that becomes personalised to your tastes the more you use it. You place the wooden block (made out of Maple, Cherry or Walnut wood) on top of your cup, scoop teaspoons of coffee and pour it in the hollow groove. Every time you pour water to mix and make the coffee, the oils from the beans are soaked in the wood. Essentially, the Canadiano remembers every cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Just remember not to be too heavy-handed on those hangover days and mess up the balance.

Via Design Taxi