Mood sweater

Wearing feelings on sleeves.

Mila Jovovich’s Borat mankini-esque suspenders in The Fifth Element and Michel J. Fox’s Back to the Future canvas resizing jacket didn’t really set a pretty picture for the future fashions we have to look forward to. But it seems there’s no way to escape it. Hollywood’s over-exaggerated techy clothing has come to life with California-based Sensoree‘s “Mood Sweater,” the next wave of wearable technology where people can wear their feelings on their sleeves. The sensor in the sweater reads a person’s mood and then projects a colour light display of emotions in the fabric from tranquil (turquoise) to aroused (purple) to nervous (red). With the sweater, anyone can see exactly how you’re feeling at any given time without having to mouth a word. And just when we thought mood rings were about to go extinct.