Topsy-turvy home

A 330-year-old house flipped on its head.
house 5

There’s a home at 20 Blackfriars Road in London that’s been flipped on its head, or so it appears. The building that takes us back to childhood stories of houses made of shoes and the crooked man in his crooked home has been made topsy-turvy by U.K.-based artist Alex Chinneck as part of his project “Miner on the Moon” that was commissioned for the Merge Festival. True, there have been various (similar) accounts of houses that sit on their heads in Niagara, Malaysia and Poland, but not many can say they’ve seen the turn of three centuries (originally built in 1780) and feature reclaimed signage from yore. If that doesn’t boggle your mind, take a look at the how this artist magically slid off the front of a house earlier this year.