The Marketers’ Anthem

A rebel yell for the world's best brand peddlers.

Consumer whisperers.  Mother targeters. Brand guardians. This is your calling. An ode to the world’s marketers is eloquently being bellowed out by creatives at agency Open in a industry-centric video that went live this morning (and which we predict will go viral in the next couple hours, a trend Toronto creative shops, such as this one and this one, have been proudly instigating). The “Marketers’ Anthem” spot, which includes a microsite, was created for strategy magazine’s back page of its Marketer of the Year issue. Finally, brand purveyors the world over are being validated for their part in saving precious time with acronyms, arousing consumers to feel emotions about groceries and speaking for bathroom tissue the way no one else can.


Agency: Open
Editing: School Editing
Sound and music: Apollo Studios