Share DDB

A silent auction by creatives and co.
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Creatives must really like to make stuff. If they’re not crafting art and copy in the office, they’re doing it in their spare time (for charity no less) and even getting their artful friends, family and clients to join in. Peculiarly imaginative items (such as adult colouring books, lovebots and Adam and Eve bead dolls) have come through DDB Canada’s doors for its “Share DDB” annual event, in which everyone and anyone associated with the agency can produce a piece of art or other creative endeavour to be silently auctioned off for the James Lee FoundationRonald McDonald House, Music Heals and The Hope Mission. This year, the auction events held in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver raised $52,000 for the charities. It’s art, with heart, and it’s something the less creatively-inclined have similarly done at Ad Lounge’s “Art from the Unexpected” auction.