Fancy box

Surprising gifts for both the giver and receiver.
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Fancy yourself a pretty good gift surpriser, huh? But you’re starting to snore over the act of having to find some surprising element for each of your presents this year? Sit back, relax and let some B (and arguably D)-list-stars do the work for a change. Fancy, a crowd-curated catalogue of goods (think of the e-commerce version of Pinterest), has the “Fancy Box,” where celebs like model Coco Rocha, chef Tyler Florence and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt collect and combine their favourite items on the site. For only $39, you get $80 worth of tech and toys ┬áneatly stuffed in a box. Plus, this way, both the gifter and giftee can bask in the mild feelings of wonder you get from an unexpected gift.

This week’s Frandoms are by the strategy┬áteam. Happy Holidays!