Stop the hate

Public Safety Canada takes on the cyber bullies.

It doesn’t take much for an inappropriate photo to go viral but the effects can be impossible to reverse, not just for the person pictured, but also those sending it. To “stop hating online,” the Government of Canada and Toronto agency Manifest are running an eight-week public awareness campaign with TV ads which show how sharing that one image can have so many, many consequences… including legal troubles. Hopefully that gives the kids something to think about before they click ‘Send.’


Brand: Public Safety, Government of Canada
Agency: Manifest Communications
Creative directors: Jim Diorio, Debra Sharp
Copywriter: Joe O’Neill
Art director: Paul Bonsell
Account Team: Andrea Kligman, Hilary Roberts
Production company: Suneeva
Director: Laurence Thrush
Post-production: Panic & Bob
Audio house: RMW Music
Media company:  MEC & Cossette
Producer: David Smith