Gabriel, a new-age guardian angel

Opel's heat stroke prevention device warns drivers of babies left in cars.

Admittedly, we’ve all had that moment of disgust when reading a report of a parent forgetting their child in a car under the beating sun and the following horrific consequence of their absent-mindedness. But then you think to yourself, could that happen to me? We’re only human after all. Which is why Opel Belgium has created a heat stroke prevention device that’s connected to a mat in a child’s car seat and warns drivers that they’ve left their precious cargo behind when they’re five metres away from the vehicle. The car maker can’t take all the credit for “Gabriel,” the idea actually came from a family man (Kenny de Vlieger) for the Opel Smart Options Project. Now that’s a way to get us to forget (if only briefly) the industry’s obsession with UGC campaigns at the moment.


Client: Opel Belgium
Advertising Agency: LDV United, Antwerp, Belgium