Clickable homes

A house without nails, inspired by Lego and Meccano.
Bone Structure 9

Ever get the itch to move your bedroom window just a smidgen to the left, or switch your home’s brick-face for wood panelling? Granted, these aren’t the type of design alterations one typically hankers for, likely because they seem implausible or exorbitant. But now’s the time to dream big, and with the imagination you once had as a child. Bone Structure, a Quebec company, is opening up its first nail-less home in Ontario at the end of this month. Remarkably, it can take up to four days to click (just as you would with Lego) the home’s walls, windows, beams, plumbing, electrical and heating to a lightweight, recyclable steel (instead of wood) frame. Let’s hope sticks and stones don’t break these bones.