Just add water

King of Shaves gives new meaning to a clean cut.

Shaving can be chore, but U.K.-based King of Shaves has found a way to make that task a little quicker and they’re showing just how with a spot from agency Tiger’s Eye. In it, there’s a guy who seems to be loving his shave. Where’s the shaving cream, you wonder? Apparently, you just add water with this razor. And since he’s immersed in a flooded bathroom, there’s plenty of that to go around.


Brand: King of Shaves
Agency: Tiger’s Eye
Creative Director: Tiger Savage.
Director: Tiger Savage assisted by Sky Sharrock, Director of Photography.
Production Company: Habana Creative.
Producer: Andy Welch.
Music: Jack Ketch.
VFX: Hollow Earth.
Colour Grade: Smoke & Mirrors, Mark Horrobin.