Do I Offend?

Vintage body-shaming ads that make you go "Whaa?"
Vintage 1

So you lost all your boyfriends because (to put it bluntly) you’re “FAT.”  Those chapped lips of yours cost you a job and made you feel like a failure. And who could forget the time your red, dish-washy hands made you sob when your fiancée slipped an engagement ring on your finger? It wasn’t easy being a gal in the golden age of women body-bashing advertising – a period roughly between 1930 and 1960 when magazine ads weren’t so subtle in pointing out female flaws – chronicled in the “Do I Offend?” blog by California-based artist Cynthia Petrovic. Bask in these not-so-politically-correct ads from yesteryear, and remind yourself to never, ever do it again.