Virtual detour

Test drive a Nissan via Google Maps.

nissan 2If the people won’t come to the dealership, then do as Nissan Rogue does, and take them on a detour of sorts, inserting a virtual vehicle into Google Maps Street View, have it do some flips and kicks in the air and land at their front door. It’s as easy as pie. Disclaimer: Do attempt this at home if you have good internet speed.


Brand: Nissan USA
Agency: Critical Mass
Production Company: Unit9 Inc.
Animation and Visual Effects: Digital Domain Inc.
Consultant: Google
Motion Design Director: Amo Milosz­
Senior Art Director: Carl Lukasewich
Group Planning Director: Chrissie Graboski
Art Director: Darren Wood
Art Director: Euny Choi
Producer: Gene Ho
Creative Director: Jordon Mowbray
Planning Director: Kerry Janes
Senior Motion Designer: Nick Warren
Copy Director: Peter von Sass
Senior Motion Designer: Scott Malo
Executive Creative Director: Steve Savic
Video Production Company: Mothership Media, Inc.
Animation & Visual Effects by: Digital Domain 3.0
Production Company: Unit9 Inc.