Lighting up the stage

Now we can add trophies to the list of things gone digital.

We see plenty of genius contraptions when scouring the web forĀ Stim and frankly, it’s getting more difficult to be bowled over these days, with new and frequent tech desensitizing us a bit. But this here digitized trophy designed by Sagmeister & Walsh for the New York Festival does a damn-near excellent job at stealing the show. The piece, constructed to look like a skyscraper (which the festival’s trophy marauders can arrange to resemble a cityscape on their mantles) lights up when hoisted aloft. The projector beneath illuminates an unlimited number of credits, so everyone can get a pat on the back for their contribution.

That reminds us, strategy magazine is on the hunt for a new AOY trophy design. Raise your hand if interested, and try to use this simply as inspiration. Digital prizing is (sadly) a bit of a stretch for the publication.