Second skin

Devices controlled with the blink of an eye or wave of the finger.

screen shot 2014-02-17 at 11.22.51 pmMeet the next step in wearable technology – a second skin that doesn’t require carrying a clunky device, because the device is you. Katia Canapé Vega, a Brazilian beauty tech designer has created a number of facial- and body-controlled technologies. This includes Winkymote, a material that mimics skin and sits on the eye muscles. Paraplegics need only bat an eye to have an infrared remote communicate with devices and complete tasks, such as changing the channel on a TV or a slide in a Powerpoint presentation.

Some of her other work includes Twinkle Nails (which works with a sensor to create music with a wave of the finger) and other fake nails, which include RFID tags that can be used to interact with other wearables and devices. Her latest project is experimenting with light control using facial gestures in the Kinisi project.