Catnip mail

Bulk Cat Litter's tempting flyer.

With most direct mail destined for the garbage bin,¬†Scarborough’s Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse and agency Rethink gave its target audience a reason to think twice before reaching for the bin. To get the attention of pets, and therefore its owner, catnip concentrate was sprayed on flyers, luring cats the moment the mail hit the kitchen table. Let’s just hope there weren’t too many calls to the vet to help with them pesky paper cuts.


Brand: Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse
Agency: Rethink Canada, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Leia Rogers
Copywriter: Bob Simpson
Designer: Lisa Nakamura
Account Manager: Marie Lunny
Print Producer: Cary Emley / Sue Wilkinson
Content Strategist: Leah Gregg
Printer: Metropolitan Fine Printers
Editor: Chris Nielsen