Lucky Gloves

France's Superloto turns cold fingers into charmed ones.
Lucky Gloves

You can wish a person “Good Luck” in Hawaii by extending the first and last finger digits and shaking the hand about, and in South Africa, you simply hold a thumb. For the rest of the world, luck comes from the criss-crossing of the index and middle finger, and one particular lottery company in France has adopted the sign for a recent experiential campaign. In five cities, the FDJ/Superloto handed out 10,000  “Lucky Gloves” that had both fingers stitched together. Not only do they force the fingers to sit in the crossed position, but also keep pedestrians warm on the cold winter streets. Just don’t wear them in the wind for too long, or as the adage goes, they might get stuck that way.


Brand: FDJ / Superloto
Agency: BETC
Brand Management: Patrick Buffard, Cecile Lage, Monique Heim, Alan Le Bras
Agency Management: Marielle Durandet, François Brogi, Quentin Derviso, Lucile Le-Goallec
Eexec CD: Stephane Xiberras
CD: Olivier Apers
CW: Adrian Skenderovic
AD: Alphons Conzen
Exec Producer: HugoDiaz
Producers: Annick Audoux, Sarah Belhadj


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