Your Future Startup

Russia's Danais Films predicts your next big biz.


Much like the meme, the GIF, the mashup, and all other web trends of the information age, it appears predictive articles, like this one, that facetiously predict the job, city or pet a person is destined to occupy (based on how they take their coffee, for example) are super hot these days. So hot that the approach has been repurposed in a digital campaign to promote the movie Startup by Russia-based agency Hungry Boys. The platform “Your Future Startup” asks arbitrary questions, while calculating what business you should invest in next, and ends by playing the trailer for the movie about what it actually takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s all really much more complex than it looks.

Brand:  Danais Films
Producer:  Irina Smolko
Agency:  Hungry Boys
Creative Director: Vlad Sitnikov
Copywriter:  Natalia Varguleva
Illustrator: Ekaterina Semenova
Design:  Ekaterina Semenova, Sergey Andronov, Alexey Nikolaev
Programming:  Studio Peppers
Producer: Nadeja Golubstova