#Skijack’s first victims

Banff Lake Louise Tourism wasn't kidding around.

They told you they’d get you skiers, and now Banff Lake Louise Tourism has made its first strike, one month after announcing plans to steal people away from their local slopes for a vacation at Banff. The tourism org, along with agency Village&Co., says it stalked a young couple on social media who were planning a day of skiing at Whistler, snuck up on them as they were packing their car and convinced them (rather easily, by the looks of it) to change their plans. If we were being cynical, the guy spins around a little too soon when they approach the car, but they seem to enjoy themselves after that.


Brand: Banff Lake Louise Tourism
Agency: Village&Co.
Creative Director: Justin Young
Project Manager: Janice Quan
Production: Shortt and Epic
Editor: Dave Shortt